We at DFM understand the volatile and risky nature of the stock market more than anyone else. Our service is entirely for your benefit - and your peace of mind. As you browse, you will find that you are entitled to complete privacy as a registered user.
You will be able to choose the list of shares on which you want stock alerts, specify lower and upper trigger points for the share prices and receive alert messages - via SMS or E-mail - as soon as the share prices go beyond those trigger points. You can get the real time price ofany of the shares traded
in DFM with just a few clicks on your mobile phone.
These features will enable you to take appropriate decisions, by having the right information at the right time, whether you are online or mobile. In a world where time is especially crucial and effective communication makes the difference between a good investment and a great one, DFM online
comes as an invaluable tool to monitor your stocks from anywhere and at anytime.

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